Why wait for Diwali? Keep your home, festival ready every day

It was evening time, Komal and Sapna were sitting at the society’s garden and watching over as their kids were playing there.
Sapna: Hey …Komal how are you?
Komal: I am doing good. How are you? What’s up?
Sapna: Nothing much, routine is going on. Office ..Kids ..the usual .
But Gudi Padwa is coming up and my elder brother and his family from UK are coming to visit us.
Komal: Wow that’s nice. You all must be excited.
Sapna: Yes, I am excited and nervous also. Rohan, my brother and his wife Ketaki are coming to India after many years. I want to make their stay comfortable and memorable. What should I do????
I want to decorate my house specially for the festival. My house is in a mess. Guest room is dumped with lots of extra stuff. I will have to shop for groceries. So many things to do.
Komal: Yes, generally, we clean and declutter our houses before Diwali. But I think we should do it more often to keep our homes clean and clutter free every day ..
Sapna: So true. I want to decorate my house to give it a festive look, but don’t know from where to start.
Komal: Actually I have come across this site The Life CEO Programme where they are offering various online courses on life skills. Wait I will share you the link.
Sapna: Hey I received the link.
Both Komal and Sapna visited the site and they came across various courses and Sapna was so happy see that one course on Festive décor was going to make her life easier.
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Life CEO Programme

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