Health & general insurance is here to stay, here is why.

All of a sudden, the electricity voltage changed and in my society, many of the television sets stopped working because of the short circuit. A great discussion started in our WhatsApp Group. Whose fault it is? Whom to be blamed? How much losses we will face? Can the affected appliances be repaired or not? There are many such calamities which can be insured or covered under the general insurance.

Only 30% of people have insured their homes in India.

These numbers are startling considering the need for general insurance.

There are numerous types of home insurance. You can have home structure insurance which covers house structure. There is insurance which covers the contents of the house like electronics, jewellery. There is also fire insurance, theft insurance and landlord insurance for rented property.

Nearly 30% of the Indian population don’t have any health insurance.

Cyber security incidents jumped to 14.02 lakh in 2021, from 2.08 lakh in 2018. These numbers are startling considering the need for general insurance.

There are special needs in case you are getting an insurance policy for a senior citizen like co-payment, popularly known as a copay, which is composition of claim amount to be paid by the insurer and insured.

There are numerous types of general insurance, consider travel insurance. The travel insurance can easily be bought while buying the travel ticket itself. Cyber insurance is important considering the rising number of malware and other such cases.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of general insurance. There are numerous facets you need to take care of. You have to select appropriate insurance, paying premium on time, setting up reminders and so on.

I will appeal to you to enquire for any general insurance policy and learn the details of the policy. Prepare files for insurance policies. It is also important to enquire if anybody recently processed any insurance claim and how was their experience.

Ultimately, all these policies of general insurance are to reduce your stress, and offer you stability. So, invest in insurance before any calamities happen and rest assure for bright and safe future.

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