Dr Prachee Javadekar


The Founder, LCP

A Woman of Substance

Dr Prachee is a veteran academician with over 40 years of experience in research and training. A PhD in Consumerism in Education, she is a specialist in policy advocacy. She has authored more than 25 books in the field of Management.


  • Gems of India, a set of case studies highlighting pioneering Indian entrepreneurs. Six of these have been published by Harvard Business Studies.
  • Pragraha, the world’s first App and Coffee Table Book based on tweets by an industrialist, namely Anand Mahindra.
  • Forgotten Roots, an e-book on life-enabling values, blessed by Pujya Sri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamigal, Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam.

“Life CEO Programme – includes the philosophy and techniques required for effective organization of your life’s resources! This program is all about making a beginning to transform your home for a stress-free life.“

  • Dr Prachee, on one hand is a home maker, devoted spouse, mother and grandmother.
  • A political activist herself, she married a fellow activist, and soon started her career as a teacher. Eventually, she reached the top-most position in a renowned educational institution in Pune. While scaling the heights of her career, she never lost track of her family life, be it as a daughter or sister.
  • Dr Prachee’s innate intelligence and dynamism meant she acquired a multi-dimensional understanding of life. As such, she was ahead of the curve in realizing that a steady work-life balance is the key to all-round success. Dr Prachee has a great passion for national progress and believes in nurturing India’s youth towards nation-building.
  • Dr Prachee approaches every aspect of her life with the same attitude of perfection and excellence, be it homemaking, grandparenting or teaching.
  • Currently, she is an independent strategy consultant known for her use of an innovative, integrated research methodology. The foundation of her approach lies in the deep-rooted understanding of Indian socio-economic dynamics. Dr Prachee has designed business consultancy offerings for a variety of clients across the industry and corporate sectors.
  • In the past decade, this vast knowledge let Dr Prachee conceive and execute various life-skill training programmes for students and professionals. Today’s hectic and stressful pace has created a genuine need for obtaining various value-based proficiencies to effectively overcome various challenges.
  • Life CEO Programme, is Dr Prachee’s extensive, online offering designed to enable the learner to achieve positivity and better productivity.


Ivalese Rop (parenting)

Budget Gharache (home economics)

Rit Abhyasachi Khatri Yashachi (study techniques)

Nivadnuk Tantra Va Mantra (elections)

Grahak Sanrakshan Kayda (consumer protection laws)

Griha Samradnyi Diary (household management)

Ekach Asa Bal Vikas (parenting)

Kasa Ahe Apale Sahajivan (relationship management)

Newspaper Articles


Ongoing series of Marathi Articles I Sakal Daily. 39 Articles published by डॉ. प्राची जावडेकर

न्यू नॉर्मल : भारताची ‘विकास की रेल’

न्यू नॉर्मल : सर्वसामान्यांसाठी आरोग्य सुविधा

न्यू नॉर्मल : टेलिमेडिसीन…!

न्यू नॉर्मल : कात टाकणारी रेल्वे !

न्यू नॉर्मल : ‘बंदर विकास’ गाथा

न्यू नॉर्मल : भारतीय रेल्वेचे ‘युनिव्हर्सल नंबर्स’

न्यू नॉर्मल : समुद्री व्यवसायाला बळकटी देणारी बंदरे