Beat any make up trend and look smashingly beautiful, as you are!

Beat any make up trend and look smashingly beautiful, as you are!
On a rainy day, Pooja was looking sad. Her friend Seema saw her sad face and asked “What happened Pooja?”
Pooja: I am not good looking. Nobody likes me.
Seema: You look very beautiful, only thing missing is enhancing your beauty. To be beautiful, you should eat healthy food, have appropriate sleep and exercise regularly to have a good skin. Look at me, believe me without any make up, I am average looking, when I do basic make up, it enhances my face and I highlight the right aspects.
Pooja: I am surprised with your comment as I am not considered to be a beautiful whereas everybody always praises you for your good looks. What’s the secret?
Seema: Each human being is beautiful by nature, you are unique.
It is just one thing that you are missing out on is an appropriate make up which will enhance your beauty.
Pooja: But make up is expensive, I can’t afford that.
Seema: Doing make up is not always expensive. Cost of make-up changes based on products you use. You must select good products with basic range. Don’t be fussy about every requirement of the makeup kit. And remember, you can do your daily make up very easily. Your make up should be suitable to your personality. I have experienced that the basic make up boosts your confidence.
Remember that no make up also has its cost.
Pooja: I thank you Seema for the details and your advice.
Seema: I have just told you the philosophy, there are different components of make up like washing your face, cleansing your face, moisturizing, using concealer, highlighter, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencils, gels, different types of sprays, powders and so on.
Pooja: I am overwhelmed with information, where should I start?
Seema: Visit and go for the course on make-up.

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