Better be punctual than late…

Neha was working as a Company Secretary at a renowned automobile company. She had an important meeting at her office today. It was an interview session for her promotion. Her usual timing was 10am to 6pm; but today she was told to be at office bit early at 9.30am.
Though she was aware of this schedule, she could not wake up in time. She was watching a movie on Netflix with her husband till late night. It was 8 o’clock when she was out of her bed. She became so tense that it became difficult for her to speed up and complete the routine morning chores. She had a whole list of chores in her mind – morning tea, routine exercise, breakfast, cooking, bath and dressing up. Also going through news- papers for major headlines before leaving for office was her regular habit. As usual, she had not decided the breakfast and tiffin menu. The vegetables were not cut, she had not bought some grocery items that were used up for long. Now it was all mess. Neha was really frustrated.
Did Neha finally manage to reach her office in time? What was the real issue? Could she find any permanent solution to avoid such frustrating situations?
The incidence is common with some minor difference in the details. Many of us experience the same frustration now and then. It is not a fault of that specific situation which creates this frustration. It is a mismanagement of time that leads to such chaos.
The list of tasks may vary depending upon your role in family and social or professional life, but there is only one solution – it is Time Management.
If we plan each day, prioritize our daily work, distribute the work load among family members or colleagues, make a list of ‘must to do’ things, it saves our time, saves resources and there by increases our productivity and efficiency.
It is not that time management is necessary for working professionals, it is equally required for students or house makers. It is a skill that reduces our stress and enhance our peace and happiness.
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