Managing Personal Documents Can Reduce Stress

Managing Personal Documents Can Reduce Stress It was Monday morning and Shweta was busy completing routine domestic chores. She had an important meeting today and wanted to leave for office in time. She was getting ready when her cell phone rang. It was her boss on the other side and he had called to congratulate her for her selection in a team which was traveling to US on a new project. Shweta was extremely delighted. The only issue was that the team was to leave at the earliest and the boss asked her to carry her passport today to initiate the visa process.
Shweta immediately rushed to her cupboard to get the passport. But to her surprise the passport was missing from the file. She looked for it in all possible places but in vain. She was now beginning to panic. Her anxiety increased when even her husband, Akshay, could not find it. He was astonished when he realized that his entire file of personal documents was missing. Shweta called at the office and conveyed her unavailability for the meeting.
Have you experienced such incidences? I have known many people who are careless or undisciplined about organizing important documents and they have faced many challenges because of misplacement of personal, medical, financial or property related documents. Remember that an organized and disciplined person is always more productive.
There are so many important documents that we need now and then. Then why not adopt a skill of managing these personal documents? Papers are a part and parcel of our life. It is always better to keep a discipline in maintaining various documents- both individual and those of other family members.
If we manage and maintain an organized record of all the required documents, it will reduce our anxiety and help us in leading a stress- free life. There are very simple ways to learn the skill of organizing household documents. This is what I researched for the course ‘Managing Personal Documents’ which is available at .
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