Application of communication as a life skill

I got a call from Ruchi my past student. She was excited while talking but there was a tinge of unhappiness in her voice. When I inquired, she was talking about misunderstandings in personal and professional life. I could sense that she should speak out her mind while communicating.
I told here three things about communicating which she needs to develop as a life skill. I think you will also find those useful and hence sharing those here.
1. Understanding
The real challenge of communication at family, an institution or any organization level is to see that all the members have the same understanding and they are on the same page.
There is no gap, loop hole or discrimination in the information. This will happen only if we are using the communication in a right way.
2. Emotion
Words are not required when you can convey it by your eyes or tapping on back or holding hands. Such emotions along with your body language makes the word more effective.
Remember, whether in personal or professional life, each of us have a emotion and we need to take care of each other’s emotions.
3. Overall impact
I give credit to communication skill for achieving success. It’s accumulative impact of reading, writing, watching, observing listening & making notes.
It keeps evolving, its changing as you grow, your style changes – command comes automatically. You can convince others, you can win arguments and people.
To summarize, let me share tag line of the life skill training initiative I have started – Organise, Optimise and Excel.
Organize your thoughts, optimize use of different mediums of communication and excel to be more and more effective communicator.
At the end of the call Ruchi asked how can I learn this further? I told her to go through the module – Application of communication on personal and professional level. So what are you waiting for? I will also recommend you to do this video-based module which includes expert talk, downloadable content and also get certified in it!
Dr. Prachee Javadekar
Founder, Life CEO Programme

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