The Enchanting Journey of development of Medicinal Garden at home

In India, where spirituality and nature intertwine, lies a hidden treasure—A Medicinal Garden.

Our story begins with Aditi, a young woman deeply inspired by her grandmother’s traditional home remedies. Having witnessed the power of herbal medicine firsthand, she decided to preserve and promote this ancient knowledge by creating a medicinal garden at her home.

Initially, Aditi faced numerous challenges to establish the garden. She sought guidance from botanists and herbalists. As the garden began to take shape, the air was filled with the fragrance of healing herbs. Her family members started seeking remedies for their ailments.

Through the collective efforts of Aditi and her family, a small piece of land at her home has been transformed into a sanctuary of healing. The journey of development of this medicinal garden by Aditi is a story of passion, perseverance, and the rediscovery of ancient wisdom.

Aditi says,

“creating a medicinal garden at home is a rewarding endeavour and a wonderful way to enhance family’s wellness”.
Thus, one way to tap into the healing potential of nature is by creating a medicinal garden at home. By growing these plants at home, you can have easy access to traditional remedies for various ailments that can potentially reduce healthcare costs and promote overall wellness.

Growing your own medicinal plants promotes sustainability and reduces your carbon footprint.
A few popular medicinal plants that can be grown at home are Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Ashwagandha, Coriander, Ajwain, Ginger etc.

For cultivation of these plants factors need to be studied:

a) Location and Soil

b) Watering and Light

c) Insect control

d) Nutritional feed

e) Safety Precautions

f) Harvesting and Storage

In our course on ‘Medicinal Garden at Home’, we will explore the concept of home gardens and medicinal plants, therapeutic and medicinal uses of medicinal plants, ways to plant herbs and spices at home and effective home remedies using these medicinal plants.

So, are you looking to transform your terrace garden or outdoor space to a medicinal garden like Aditi? ………..

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