Be a Smart Shopper

Tina: Gosh! Not even the end of the month and I’m broke!

Rahi: What? You need to budget your spending seriously.

Tina: I know…but I’m terrible at it.

Rahi: It’s easy, just set up a plan so that the system works by itself. For example, start by creating a budget.

Tina: Arre yaar, how much budget it good? Any amount always seems less!

Rahi: That’s true, but thoda discipline to banta hai na! Saving is important. But be realistic and don’t stress out so much.

Tina: Hmmm, easier said than done.

Rahi: Mind you, saving isn’t everything – actually, it’s more important about getting value for money! I mean, we quickly go for the lowest price, but it’s actually smarter to check why the item is that price – it is probably of lower quality. You know what they say, ‘You get what you pay for.’

Tina: You’re right, ‘Sale’ equals saving money. Sometimes the higher cost is of the good quality material and manufacturing. We need to be smart about it and shopping shouldn’t be a time-pass activity!

Rahi: Ha, ha, absolutely not! I’m extremely mindful about it – I buy many things, but only after a quick study by browsing the net and going to local shops. So, at the end of the day, no regrets.

Tina: Isn’t that time-consuming?

Rahi: Maybe at first, but not anymore. I would say, scrolling on shopping sites for hours on end is more wasteful.

Tina: Wow, you’ve really mastered this – give me some training too!

Rahi: Oh sure, but I’ll tell you a secret, I got a lot of help from a course I did online. It is a course called ‘Budget Buying’ on the Life CEO Programme website at

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