Spend more ‘WE’ time!

I want to share an experience with you all. A friend of mine is an IT engineer and holds a high post in a renowned multinational company. He is at the office for almost 10-11 hours daily. By the time he returns home, most of the times the kids are asleep. And before he is awake in the morning they leave for the school. Since the academic year is now about to close, the final school exams of both the kids who are in 6th and 4th standard are approaching. Last Sunday, the elder son approached his father to ask a difficulty in Maths. My friend saw his text book with astonishment and said, “Oh…Rohan, you are in 6th std. I was under impression that you are in 7th. The boy and her mother were speechless to hear this.
I wonder whether this a common situation today.
In most of the households, both husband and wife are working and there’s no common time for family members to come together.
Earlier, the joint family structure showcased all these attributes which created the base of family wellness.
There were various occasions for all family members and even extended family members to come together. Be a time of festivities or mishaps, all family members would enjoy or share the responsibilities so as to maintain the wellness of the family. Family time is not just a time allocation for family matters, it is connecting with all age groups, understanding stress and challenges that our family members face, knowing family traditions, sharing experiences for enrichment as a human being. Ultimately all these things also add to our professional development.
With changing time and especially after globalization, there is a severe disruption in joint family structure. Moreover because of the fast space of modern life, all of us face a crunch of time and in turn struggle to make time for our family.
So what is the solution? By spending quality time with our family, how can we enrich ourselves?
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